Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June Meeting Minutes 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by President Doreen Dever.

Three guests were in attendance:

  Pat M,  Patty H, Barbara S.

Treasurer's report:

  Balance XXXXX submitted by Pam N.  Pam missed the meeting due to illness and reminds everyone the balance includes monies for the retreat.

Name badge:  2.50

Sunshine:  Nina

  Sharon and Doris were sent cards,  as well as Dale and Debbie on the loss of their mother.

Refreshments:  Clare    Notice will be sent closer to our next meeting in September.

Photography and Media:  Helen and Denise

Ways and Means:  Sharon  

    Pillowcase race set for September 15, 2010 at Community Center in Upper Township.  11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

   Sharan also told us about "Lunch with Lynch" events.  Requested flannel pillowcases for the Glenwood Pre-K School.

Charity:  Eleanor, Joey and Betsy

  Eleanor asked if anyone would quilt a top and back she had.    Sandee took it to finish.

  Diane D. requested 35" X 35" quilts for NICU at Yale, New Haven.  They are needed to cover the isolets and protects babies' eyes
  from the light.  

   Philly Dog Shelter:  The dogs have been sick and clean towels and blankets in good condition are needed. 

   Eleanor stated she has 30 quilts in her stash for charitable purposes.  "Quilts for Hope" and "Habitat for Humanity" were mentioned as possible recipients.  Eleanor wants to keep it local.  Betsy will contact Chief of Police in Middle Twnshp:  patrols assigned to child protective services might have one in their vehicle available for a child being transported.  Smaller quilts would be suitable for this purpose. 

*Correction to Charity notes submitted 7/4/2019 below:*
Charity:    Eleanor N. wanted to clarify that it was other voices at the June meeting talking about "keeping it local" regarding the participation of Camaco and distribution of the quilts we make for charity to those in need.  Some of the ideas were discussed out loud, but there was no action taken by the members in attendance.  

For example, it's been suggested there was a need caused by the Ohio floods that occurred earlier in the year.  Also "Quilts for Kids", a Philadelphia organization has been mentioned.   Eleanor welcomes your ideas or contacts regarding the recipients of our guilds charitable activities.
Open Sew:  Joey, Sandra.   Month of June:  6/19 and 6/26.  A "Two Fabric Bargello" was taught on 6/19.  (Committee stated last week that the building is available and agreed that the Open Sews will be held EVERY Wednesday throughout the summer, EXCEPT FOR JULY 3.  That is, July 10,17,24 and 31.  And August 7, 14, 21, and 28.)

Pillowcases:  Bernie has kits.

Retreat:  Doreen still has room for a few more.  Balance is due at September meeting.  

Programs:  Eileen, Connie, Diane and Donna

September:  Back to School sewing basics;  October:  Helen E. Quilting Designs;  November:  Kelly M.  "Hexies"

Announcements:  Mary B became a Lifetime Member.  Board and attendees gave her best wishes for her 90th birthday in July.

July/August:  Items usually exchanged during regular meetings such as Round Robin, or the Dog beds, towels and blankets can be dropped off at Open Sew on Wednesdays.  Connie stated she will collect and deliver as needed.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New Business:  In September Officers will be nominated and election held in October.  New Officers and committee people will take over in January.

Submitted by:

Kate George

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Bus Trip to PA National Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks PA

COST:  $41.00

South Shore Stitchers invites you to join a wonderful group of ladies on a bus trip to PA quilt show in Oaks, PA.

We will be taking sign-ups for members and guest starting in June.

When you sign up we need your check for $41.00 made out to South Shore Stitchers, your phone number and where you wish to be picked up.  Your cost covers your bus fee of $25.00, admission $13.00, and bus driver tip $3.00.  The guild pays the bus fee up front and hopes to get reimbursed for this fee by filling the bus. 

If you wish to sign up by mail please send your check to South Shore Stitchers, PO Box 1103, Marmora, NJ  08223.  

If you have any questions please call Pat Kline at 609-390-3956 or Nancy Turnbull

7:30am Leave K-Mart in Rio Grande

8:00am Leave Shop-Rite in Marmora

8:30am Leave Cumberland Mall Vineland

10:45am Arrive Greater Expo Center in Oaks, PA

3:30pm Leave Greater Expo Center

4:15pm Arrive Cracker Barrel for Dinner (Plymouth Meeting)

5:45pm Leave Cracker Barrel for Home

7:45pm Arrive Cumberland Mall in Vineland

8:15pm Arrive Shop-Rite in Marmora

8:30pm Arrive K-Mart in Rio Grande

Monday, June 3, 2019

May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by President Doreen D.

No guests in attendance.  The microphone was passed around and each member stated her name and favorite color.

Treasurer's report:  Balance XXXXX submitted by Pam N.

Name badge:  2.25

Sunshine:  Nina

Refreshments:  Clare

    Snack for June:  Kathy B., Donna F., Kate G., Joey G., Anna H., Margareta

Photography and Media:  Helen and Denise

Ways and Means:  Sharon   84 collected.

Charity:  Eleanor, Joey, Betsy.  

    Who needs quilts?

Open Sew:  Joey, Sandra   Held on the 15th, 22nd and 29th this month.  Open Sew will continue to meet in July and August. 

Pillowcases:  Bernie   On vacation.

Retreat:  Doreen and Judy    Deposits were collected.  Participants received the project with no details, and the challenge activity info.

Programs:  Eileen, Connie, Diane and Donna. 

    Lower Township Library displayed some of the work of the guild during May.  The Round Robin is underway. 

Announcements:  No meeting in July or August.  (Except Open Sew) 

                              Cape May Quilt and Fiber Show is June 22 and 23rd at Cold Spring Village.

                              Clare will collect Log Cabin Mini Quilt Challenge entries at the June Camaco meeting, otherwise this quilt/banner
                              is due on June 14. 
                               Anyone participating in the Viewer's Choice (Larger Quilts) Quilt Show must pre-register no later than June 11.

                               Viewer's Choice quilts must have a hanging sleeve sewn on the back.  Registration is $15.00 for up to 5 quilts.

New Business:   Camaco members voted to participate as a sponsor of the Cape May Quilt & Fiber Show with a budgeted donation of
                            $500.00.   Members also voted on sponsoring Ryan's Case for Smiles.  That donation of $150.00 was already 

                            distributed at the beginning of the year.

Old Business:    Purchase decision on batting for charity quilts will wait until September.

Submitted by:

Kate G

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Meeting Minutes 2019

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by President Doreen D.

No guests in attendance.  The mike was passed around the room and each member stated her name.

The May meeting will begin at the usual 7:00 pm.

Treasurer's report:  Balance XXXX submitted by Pam N.

Name Badge:  2.25

Sunshine:  Nina

Refreshments:  Clare

    Snack for May:  Diana D., Helen E., Joyce E., Doreen D., Diane D., Linda F.

Photography and Media:  Helen and Denise

Ways and Means:  Sharon  62.00 collected on 2 baskets.

Charity:  Eleanore, Joey and Betsy.

    Eleanore stated the committee is out of batting.  Will discuss next month.

Open Sew:  Joey, Sandra.  

    Dates were April 17 and 24.  Pillowcase kits were available. The second open sew was cancelled because schools were out.

Retreat:  Deposits were collected.  

Announcements:  Diane D mentioned the Shady Maple Conference Center July 11 and 12 (Missouri Star)

Programs:  Eileen, Connie, Diane and Donna

    May:  Clare will demo inks and dyeing.  Round Robin:  bring your box to pass (always to the same person).

Submitted by:

Kate George

Saturday, March 30, 2019

March Meeting Minutes 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by President Doreen D.

No guests in attendance. 

Doreen instructed Kate G, Secretary, to email the updated membership list. 

The April meeting will begin at 6:30.  The speaker, Barb Vedder, will begin at 7:00

Treasurer's Report:  Balance $XXXX submitted by Pam Nagle

Committee Reports

Badge:  $1.75 Collected

Sunshine:  no report

Refreshments:  Clare

Photography and Media:  Helen and Denise

Ways and Means:  Sharon C

Charity:  Elenore, Joey and Betsy
Received thank you note from the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center for 18 pet beds.

Open Sew:  Joey, Sandra.    This month on the 20th and 27th from 9:30-4:00.

Pillowcases:  Bernie.

200 kits available.  Members just need to sew the kits and turn them in.  Bernie washes them per requirements for
dye-free, scent free detergent that includes a fabric softener,  before they are donated to the charity.

Retreat:  Doreen.  

Doreen stated there was a signup sheet for the fall retreat to be held at the same location as last year.  (Subsequent to this meeting those who signed up were notified of a change in dates:  October 31, 2019 through November 3, 2019.) Retreat schedule is Thursday, group dinner; Friday and Saturday, instructor for the Log Cabin pattern.  There will be no restaurant on site.  The participants will include Camaco, Obats, and Mod quilt club members.

Announcements:  Lancaster Quilt Show is March 28-31
                             Cold Springs Quilt Show is June 22-23

Old Business:  None

New Business:  None

Programs:  Eileen, Connie, Diane and Donna.   

April :  Speaker Barb Vedder will do a presentation on scrap quilts (Meeting begins at 6:30, Speaker at 7:00 for April) The following day, 4/11, she will teach a class on "Applique the Fun Way.  This class of 15 is full.  Bring your machine. May :  Clare will demo inks and japaneses fabrics.  Also d…

Round Robin:  Groups of  6 were set up.  Each group does their own design.  Provide a notebook with instructions to pass along.  Come to quild to exchange your block.

Submitted by:

Kate G

Sunday, March 3, 2019

February 2019 Meeting Minutes

 Meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm by President Doreen Dever.  The Speaker went on first, followed by Camaco Business and Show & Tell.

Treasurers report :  Balance XXXX submitted by Pam N, Treasurer.  The Camaco Quilt Guild's address is  

PO Box  5                                                                                                                                                                    Greencreek, NJ  08219 

Guests:  Bernadette M

New Members:  Bernadette M and Frances H.  Total membership is now 56. 

New Business:  None


Name Badge  $1.75 collected.

Sunshine:  Nina B sent cards and pillowcases to Diane and Helen.

Refreshments:  Clare J  Majority of members decided there will be no spring or fall potluck.

Photography and Media:  Helen E and Denise B.  It was stated the Camaco facebook  is members only.

Ways and Means:  Sharon C and Linda F.  Linda collected $78.    

Charity:  Eleanor N, Joey G, Betsy Y

It was requested that finished dog beds be placed close to the exit for ease of transport to cars for delivery. 
Programs:  Eileen I, Connie A and Diane M

    March 16 Saturday workshop includes lunch.   Helen Ernst on Blooming 9 Patch begins 10:00 am. at Millman's. 
    April 10 Barb Vedder Lecture on Scrap Quilts, decoding antique quilts.  
    April 11  Barb Vedder Workshop on Applique Your Way from 10-2 at Millman's .  This class is now full.
    Round Robin will be discussed again at March meeting, will begin in April. 

Open Sew:  Sandra W and Joey G

 From 9:30 am to  4:00 pm.  on 3rd and 4th (and 5th, if any)  Wednesdays.  See Facebook or Camaco site for info.

Old Business:  None

Pillowcases:  Bernie.  Kits are available, September 15 is the challenge.

Show and Tell

Presentation:  Jean Hill discussed the different types of Round Robin and how they work:  Medallion,  Block Quilt, Hawaiian, Block of the Month, and Row by Row.

Meeting adjourned

Submitted by:

Kate George