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January Project

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Meeting Minutes December 2017

                                                    DECEMBER 13th, 2017

The meeting was called to order by our president, Doreen Dever at 7:10 pm.
There were two guests. Kate G and Jane, a friend of Sharon's.
Our treasurer, Karen M was ill, so I gave her report. Karen reported a balance of $XXXX.


Name Badge: Six dollars was collected.

Charity: Betsy Y reported for Eleanor. We received a "thank you" from CM Animal Shelter for a total of 119 dog/cat beds for the year. They said they are "especially nice this time of year" because of the cold. We also received a "thank you" from CARA, for a total of 68 quilts and a "zoo" of critters (thanks to Carolyn). Betsy also reported there were two dog beds available for stuffing tonight and that if there are additional charity quilts tonight, she will see that Eleanor gets them. Please include your name and if the quilts was from one of our kits. She also reported that the Committee is looking into a new charity for 2018.

Photography: Karen reported there are "tons" of pictures to be picked up on the side table. PLEASE PICK UP!

Program: Diane D is concluding her chairmanship and asked that whoever follows her, to call for the information on the speaker already booked for 2018. (Doreen announced that she will chair this Committee).

Sunshine: Linda reported two cards were sent this month. One for Connie A, who had knee surgery and one to Eleanor, who's mother passed away.

Ways and Means: Sharon Cadwell will continue as Chair and had prepared beautiful, Red Bags" filled with goodies for chances and items on display, for the Silent Auction. They were well received and almost $300.00 was raised. (Thanks Sharon for all your work).

Refreshments: Barbara thanked everyone for bringing cookies to exchange and eat.  As she is continuing to chair the Committee, she also announced the "suppliers" for the next meeting.

Media: Denise had no Media report, but announced that if there were any UFOs completed after the meeting tonight, to let her know and she will add them to the book. Prizes will be drawn in January, to conclude this Challenge of completing all our UFOs by year's end.


The question came up at the previous meeting about increasing our membership, presently 60. Since there was a lot of discussion and opinions, Doreen put it to a written vote. The choices were: (1) add five members, (2) keep membership at 60 or (3) since we have "snowbirds", allow them to attend 5 meetings and pay half the cost of dues and keep the full membership at 60. The results, by 31 votes, was to expand our membership to 65.

Doreen also announced Committees for next year: Sunshine, Bev (call or email any needs); Badge, Connie Anzelone, Joyce Heinemann and Joann; Ways and Means, Sharon Cadwell; Refreshments, Barbara and Diana; Program, Doreen, Judy, Diane, Eileen and Bernie and Media, Helen Ernst and Denise. There is no one for Photograghy, so if there are any volunteers, please see our new President, Helen Schlereth.


Sandy announced we will start "open sews" again in January, on the 3rd and 4th Wednesday. It is open to anyone, from 10am-4pm. If no one is there by noon, she's leaving unless you call and say you will be arriving after noon.

Doreen announced the Mancuso NJ Quilt Show is April 26th in Edison NJ. Also noted, the Wheaton Village Show is March 10th and 11th.

Bernie announced that the Pillow Case Challenge will again be held in September. She has a new challenge for us. For each 10 cases made, you will receive a coupon and one winner will be dawn each month. Bernie also informed us that Cindy Kerr (the founder of the Challenge) is battling cancer herself and her family has been through a lot and can use our prayers.

Diane D also announced that she will be teaching a class on the Double Wedding Ring at the First Baptist Church. The time is 9:30am to noon, the 1st and 3rd Wednesday, starting January 3rd. The cost is $5 and a can of food for the Church's Food Bank.

Barbara begged everyone to take the leftover cookies HOME!!

Our next meeting is January 10th at 7pm.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. and followed by Show & Tell. Then a new version of the Night Before Christmas ( Right/Left ) was read to exchange our Mug Rugs and a lot of cookies were enjoyed by all.

Respectfully Submitted,
Beverly T, Secretary

I'd like to thank everyone for putting up with me and my lack of computer skills the past two years and I wish you all, a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 2017 Meeting Minutes

November 2017 Minutes

Meeting started: 6:55 p.m.

Treasurer’s report: xxxxx.  The bus trip ended up only costing CAMACO $xxx and the costs of the speaker was $xxxx

Guests:  One (1)

Thank you notes: We received thank you notes two (2) thank you notes from CARA and one (1) from the Animal Shelter.  Great job everyone!!!


Since some members contacted Doreen and stated that they did not see the signup sheet for Committees, Doreen put a signup sheet for Committees on the sign-in table.  If interested in being on a committee for 2018 please sign the sheet.  

  • Name Badge – collected $3.25

  • Charity – They still have kits and batting for those who are in need to complete their charity quilts.  We received two (2) thank you notes.  One from CARA and one for the dog beds.  Kitty will be shipping the fat quarters that we have collected for the Quilt Groups that have lost everything.  We will also collect fat quarters at the December meeting.

  • Photography – Photos from previous meetings are on the table please take them home

  • Sunshine – Nothing to report.

  • Ways & Means – Collected $xxx and Barbara W won the drawing for the November meeting.  There will be a Chinese auction for December so if you have items to contribute please get them to Sharon C.  There are always great baskets so don’t forget to bring extra money so you can buy your tickets

  • Refreshments – At the December meeting we will be doing the cookie exchange again this year.  If you would like to participate please bring in at least two dozen cookies.  One dozen to share and one dozen for people to take some home.

  • Media – Nothing new to report

  • Programs – We will have our Mug Rug gift exchange at the December Meeting.  If you would like to participate please make a mug rug and bring it in a brown bag to the December meeting.  You can wrap it if you want and enclose a card so the person who receives yours will know who it is from, but please bring it in a brown bag so they all look alike and everyone can be surprised.  December’s table runner will actually be a table topper.  Directions are on the blog.  Denise mentioned that the UFO challenge is still going and will be tallied up at the January meeting.  Get working on those UFOs!

Old business:

The new Officers for 2018 are;

Helen S. – President
Clare – Vice President
Veronica – Secretary
Helen R – Treasurer

Welcome to the new Officers!

Bernie spoke about the pillow case challenge for Ryan’s Cases for Smiles.  The first drawing will be in February.  Let’s make those pillow cases.

Doreen put off the vote on raising the number of members until the December meeting because she received some emails from current members with input.  She felt it would be fair to give the opportunity to members to be in attendance to actually vote.

New Business: 

No new business.

Respectfully submitted,


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Winter Table Runner of the Month 2017

October Meeting Minutes 2017 Important Reminder for November Meeting!

      OCTOBER 11th, 2017

The meeting was called to order by our President, Doreen D at 7pm.
There were two guests. Jackie, a friend of Eileen I and Barbara A, a joining member.
Karen M, our Treasure, reported a balance of $XXXX after paying for our previous speaker and the bus for our trip to Lancaster.


Name Badge: Eileen collected $3.30? (Our fine is 25 cents/infraction).

Charity: Eleanor N reported that a group got together and had an old fashion"quilting bee" to finish a king size quilt recently. Eleanor also reported that a bunch of crochet items have been donated for charity from someone who lost a loved one and given to Connie. Eleanor also wanted to "thank" Betsy Y for helping her "downsize" some quilts. Eleanor also received a thank you note for 87 dog beds.

Photography: Karen had placed pictures for pickup on the side table. Please remember to check if you had an item in Show & Tell the previous month.

Program: Diane D reminded us of the "mug rug" exchange for our Christmas meeting. She also reminded us that the Fall runner directions are on the website and she has two more to continue into the new year. She has a demonstration later for making an easy pumpkin. Diane also announced she will not be chairing the Program Committee next year, but reminds whoever does, that a speaker is already under contract for April and that it is always helpful to " pay forward" for the new Chair.

Sunshine: Flossie has finished her round of radiation and was disappointed she could not make the Lancaster trip. She goes for a PET scan next week and we wish her well.

Ways & Means: Winner for the drawing was, Kathy Burbidge.

Refreshments: Barbara W announced there will be no refreshment assigned for our next meeting because it is our Thanksgiving Dinner. Instead, a sign-up sheet is by the sign-in book to volunteer to bring your favorite dish to share.

Media: No report.


Doreen announced that October 25th will be our last Open Sew until Spring.

Our elections were held after a ballot was presented and although there was no accepting nominees for Secretary, Veronica Scutari volunteered to switch from another position. Our new officers for 2018 are: Helen S, President; Clare J, Vice President; Veronica S, Secretary and Helen R, Treasure.
Congratulations ladies and thank you for stepping up to the challenge.

Doreen commented on the great sales we were offered on the bus trip to Lancaster. 
"Mr. Burkholder" even donated several items to be raffled at a later date. Everyone had a good time and the group thanked Doreen for another job well done.

Bernie S thanked everyone who participated in the Pillow Case Challenge. She also cried when she read the plaque and showed the little red Converses she received for being our Captain. We came in second with over 1800 cases for the year. Our team of seven made 108 that Sunday. Next year's Challenge will be held September 16th, again at the Hammonton Fire Hall. Bernie's new challenge to us will be, for each 10 pillowcases you make, you will receive one coupon to go into a bucket for a prize. No goal was officially stated, but Bernie "would like" 2000-2500. ( She's not too competitive!) Bernie also said it would be helpful if you wash and iron them prior to bringing them in and mark them "washed". ( No perfumed detergents, please.) This year, Sharon C and Bernie washed and ironed our 1800 pillowcases! The group thanked Bernie for all of her "encouragement" in leading our Team.

Doreen reminded us that South Shore Stitchers Quilt Show is October 20th,21st and 22nd in Tuckahoe. Information was available at the front table. 

Helen E thanked all who donated items she collected for our Troops.


Eleanor displayed her church's raffle quilt and had chances for sale. They were $1 each or 6 for $5. The drawing will be November 11th.

Doreen read a note from Kristen Z informing the Guild she would not be renewing her membership for 2018. She stated she has too many other obligations at this time, but hopes to rejoin in the future. She wished us all well.

If anyone has quilting items they would like to donate for the Chinese Auction, to be held at our Christmas meeting, bring it in at the November meeting and give to Sharon.

Helen E also informed us that there is a silk workshop coming up, put on by the Modern group. Information and directions are on our website. She also told us about another offering on her website, a book review on FMQ, with a chance to win a copy by making a comment. You can also purchase the book on line. It's listed as a "long arm book"on Helen's site (helenernstlongarmquilting).

Sharon C also brought up the subject of increasing our membership beyond our present maximum of 60. She stated we have "lost" a lot of interested, "talented people." We presently have a waiting list of 4 or 5. A lot of discussion followed, both pro and con, so Doreen asked all to think it over and the subject will be reintroduced at our next meeting.

Doreen also reminded us and informed new members, that the Guild "owns" an Accu Cutter that can be signed out for personal use.

Diane then demonstrated how to make an easy pumpkin. It was cute and fairly simple. She will give the directions to Denise to put on the Guild's webpage. We also competed in a quilting word scramble.

Show & Tell followed of charity quilts, etc.

******IMPORTANT: Our next meeting (November 8th) is our Thanksgiving Dinner and will start at 6 pm. Bring your tasty contribution for dinner and any items for the Chinese Auction, to be held in December. Doreen has added an additional request, 2 fat quarters. They will be donated, along with other guilds, to those quilters who lost their "stash" in the recent fires and floods.*******

Respectfully Submitted,

Beverly T Secretary