Friday, December 4, 2015

November 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started: November 11, 6:00pm

Attendance: 38

Guests: 6 including CASA volunteers.

Treasurer’s report: $XXXXX


  • Charity  Margareta and Pam reported we donated 77 quilts to CASA  and met our goal of 60 pillowcases for DAV this year, there were also some assorted items donated to the Christ Child Society.  Great job everyone who donated. The guild conducted a parade of quilts donated to CASA for 2015.  

  • Photography   Anna brought pictures of show n tell for the last few meetings.

  • Program      Gail and Bev reminded everyone about our Christmas gift exchange for the December meeting. Please bring either a $6 sewing gadget or two coordinating fat quarters to swap. You can wrap the gift, put a christmas greeting with it if you like, but it MUST be inside a brown paper bag for swapping. Bev is organizing how we will swap them!

  • Sunshine   Janet B could use some sunshine.

  • Ways & Means  A gift basket raffle was conducted.

  • Refreshments     Bernie reminded us that we will have a cookie exchange for our December meeting. Please bring a dozen cookies to taste/share at the meeting and another dozen for sharing with guild members to take home. If you would like to share your recipe please bring it to place near your cookies. The guild will have ziplock bags for filling and taking home a selection of cookies.

New Business:     The National Quilt Association Camaco has belonged to for the past few years is dissolving at the end of 2015. Camaco became a member of a quilting association so we could conduct quilt raffles as fundraisers, due to the fact that Camaco has found other fundraisers that better fit our guild at the present time we do not see a valid reason to seek another quilt association to join.

The 2014-2015 executive board would like to congratulate and welcome the 2016 Executive board of Camaco that were voted into office at our meeting. Doreen DPresident, Bernie S Vice President, Bev TSecretary, Karen M Treasurer.  We wish you great success in your new positions. We offer our help, advice or any guidance you may need during the transition period and beyond. Thank you for volunteering your time to our guild.

We also enjoyed a delicious thanksgiving potluck dinner and fellowship with our guild members.

Next meetings notes: Don’t forget your gift for the exchange, cookies to share!!

Respectfully submitted,