Friday, March 4, 2016

February 2016 Meeting's Minutes

The meeting was called to order by our President, Doreen D at 7pm. There were no guests.
Karen reported a balance of  $XXXXX1 in our Treasury. She also reported that we have two new members, for a total membership of 54. Our max is 60.

In response to the emailed January minutes, there were two corrections. One, our Facebook page is CAMACOQUILTGUILDPUBLIC and second, the bus for the South Shore’s Lancaster trip is leaving from the Kmart parking lot.

Committee Reports:
Name Badge: Sonja collected $ 3.75 in “fines” from those without a name badge. The fee is 25 cents. Any name badge will do, but we do have a paper piecing pattern specific for our Guild. See Bev if interested.

Charity: Anna showed a couple of charity quilts and suggested we could make totes to go with our quilts. She has made up several “kits” and were available on a side table.
 Photography: Danielle reported pictures from the previous meetings would be available at the March meeting. Remember to step aside after Show & Tell to have your picture taken and to show your pretty faces!                                        

 Program: Diane reported the Committee almost has the whole year planned. She introduced a " Masterpiece Challenge”. It will consist of teams of 4 and will be based upon a piece of Art. The rules will be posted online and             should be completed by June, in time for display at the Cold Spring's Show. 

A Jelly Roll Race will be held in May and the Committee is asking anyone interested in helping to quilt these, for donation to CASA in November, please contact Diane Dunwoodie to signup.
Sunshine: Flossie announced she sent 2 cards this month. One to Janet Blackmore and one to Kerry. Once Janet is well enough, she would like too return to our meetings, but will need a ride from Court House.                                     
Ways and Means: Eileen sold raffle tickets for 2 gift baskets.
Refreshments: Joyce announced who had refreshments for the March meeting and she will followup with and email reminder.

Social Media: No report.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Old Business: Doreen reminded us that the South Shore’s bus trip to the Lancaster Quilt Show is March 19th. The bus will leave from the Rio Grande Kmart parking lot at 7am and will return around 9pm. They will be stopping at Cracker Barrel for dinner on the way home. Checks should be made out to South Shore Stitchers for $37 and given to Flossie.                                                                                                                  
 Doreen also reminded us that Judy Hewitt has a signup sheet for anyone thinking about going on our Retreat to Lancaster , October 20th-23rd, 2016.  A deposit of $75 is due in May and the balance, in September.             

New Business:  Doreen presented Helen Ernst a “thank you” gift from the Guild for serving as our President for the past 2 years.             
A motion was also made and seconded, for the Guild to buy another roll of batting to be used for charity quilts. It carried unanimously.

Our next meeting will be March 9th, at  7pm at the Millman Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm and we all enjoyed Show & Tell, along with refreshments.

Respectfully Submitted,
Beverly Tyler, Secretary