Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 Minutes

Here are some very short minutes from the December 2013 meeting.

Treasurer's report 

We were back in the Millman Center and I think everyone was surprised to see how nice it is now.
I went over a few of the rules, I think for right now one of the most important one is, to enter at the doors under the over hang.

What great ornaments everyone made. I loved the story. It was a fun night. 

January meeting, will start off with the new officers. President Helen, Vice President Doreen,   Secretary Denise and Treasurer Shirley. 

January 2014 yearly dues are due, $30.00  If you can not make the meeting, you could send your dues with someone or mail it to the treasurer.

Also in January we are hoping CASA is coming for the charity quilts. At this time we are still collecting them.

What a great year we had, we moved all over the place and still hung in there and did our place-mats and pillowcases and quilts for CASA. Everyone should pat themselves on the back. It was hard for everyone to make the different meeting nights and go to some of the locations, that is over now. 

We meet again on Wednesday January 8 2014 7 pm at the Millman Center.

This is my last minutes as sectary, Thanks for the support. 

Hope everyone had a good Holiday and a Great New Year. 

See you on the 8th of January. For another great year of quilting with friends!Emoji

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We're Under Construction!

Hi Quilters!

This blog is under construction and will be up and running January 2014! Please stop back and see what our guild is up to. We have a lot to share in the new year!