Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by our new president, Doreen , who welcomed everyone  to a new year. She introduced the other new officers: Vice President, Bernie, Treasurer, Karen and Secretary, Bev T.
There were 41 members present and a guest, Meryl, who plans to join.
Karen reported a balance of $XXXX in our Treasury.

Committee Reports:
Name Badge:  Barbara W and Sonja  H collected tonight.
Charity:  The committee is open to suggestions. We will continue to do CASA quilts and cat and dog pillows. There will be the same incentive drawling as before. It was suggested to have a set Charity Sew Day each month to work on projects. Shirley H, Inge L, Dee T, Anna L and Karen Tare part of that Committee.
Photography:  Danielle  C had no report, but Doreen suggested after showing your Show and Tell item, to step aside, have your picture taken with face showing and leave your project  displayed, so members can see them up close later.
Program:  Mary Lou P said the Committee is open to suggestions. Inge K and Diane D are also part of that Committee.
Sunshine:  Flossie S reported that Janet B is an assissted living facility. Cards would be appreciated.
Ways and Means:  Eileen I thanked everyone for donating fat quarters for prizes for Bingo tonight. Gail B and Clare J are also on that Committee.
Refreshments: Joyce H gave assignments for next month's meeting and will follow up with an email. Diane D is also a part of that Committee.
Blog (new committee):  Helen E reported we now have a Facebook page...CAMACOQUILT GUILDPUBLIC. Denise B is also on that Committee.


Old Business: The Lancaster Retreat is Thursday, October 20th to Sunday, October 23rd 2016. It will be held at the Continental again with the OBATS (Bernie's sisters' Guild). The arrangements will be similar to previous Retreats. Bernie will be teaching a design by Debbie Maddy, called Josephine's Knot. A tentative signup sheet was available. A deposit will be due in May. Doreen, Judy H, Diane M and Kathy B are on the planning committee.
                          Our required liability insurance was renewed and a donation to the Millman Center was made. 

New Business: Garden Patch Quilt Guild Show is March 12th-13th at Wheaton Village in Millville.             
                           South Shore Stitchers are having a bus trip to the Lancaster Quilt Show March 19th. The cost is $37, which includes admission, the bus and tip for the driver. I believe the bus will have a stop at the Acme in Court House. Checks can be made out to South Shore Stitchers and given to Flossie.
                            Clare J announced that Cold Spring Village is having a presentation by Kathy Tweed (South Shore Stitchers) titled Historical Quilting. The admission is free and light refreshments will be served.
                            A Bylaws change was suggested by Doreen to change officer nominations from October to September and voting from November to October. This will give more time for the old and new officers to complete the transition before the Holiday. A motion was made and seconded and passed unanimously.
Doreen also read a Thank You note from CARA for our quilt donations in December and they invited us to join their Coffee Hour at Dino's Diner, January 20th at 9:30 am, for an informational meeting.
Dues, in the amount of $30 were collected for the year.
Our next meeting will be February 10th at the Millman Center at 7pm.
The meeting was adjourned and we all enjoyed Show and Tell, Quilt Bingo and refreshments.
Respectfully Submitted,
Beverly T

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