Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by our President, Doreen D at 7pm at the Millman Center.

      Doreen announced that Bev will try to send the minutes out as an email, hopefully making it easier for all to open in the future.

Karen reported a balance of $XXXXXX. She also reported that we have two new members, Katherine W and Jacklyn B for a total of 56 members. Karen also shared a tip she learned on storing quilts. You should fold them inside out so the folds fall on the wrong side of the quilt.


     Name Badge: Barbara asked if everyone had signed in. There were 35 members present.

     Charity: The Committee did purchase batting to be used for charity quilts, however, it has not been cut. Let Doreen know how much you need. Anne L also reported that there was fabric and dog beds to be filled on the front table.

      Photography: Danielle reported that there were Show and Tell pictures on the side table for pickup.

     Program: The night's"table program" was on Appliqué. Stations were set up on different hand and machine techniques, presented by Gail, Elena, Inge Laine, Peggy and Margareta.( It was enjoyed by all. Thanks.)

     Sunshine: Flossie "nothing to report". (That's a good thing)

     Ways and Means: The drawing tonight " The Surprise", was a hand made bag with a WaWa gift card enclosed.

     Refreshments: Diane read the refreshment assignment for the next meeting. It was noted that Maria and Joey may not be attending. Diane will follow up with an email or telephone call.

     Blog: The items needed to participate in May's program, will be posted on the Blog. Denise also explained, for those who were curious, the difference between a Blog and Facebook.


     Doreen reminded us that the York Quilt Show is May 20-21st and the Cold Spring Show, June 25-26th. She also reminded us that a $75 deposit for our Retreat, October 20th-23rd, is due next meeting, along with the forms for possible roommates which Doreen handed out.


     Flossie stated that several people inquired about the CAMACO tote she took on the Lancaster  Quilt Show trip. She told us that the Guild sold them years ago and if there was interest, she would get pricing. Shirley said they also sold sweatshirt type jackets, so Flossie will get pricing for both.

     Doreen announced that on September 11th, Conquer Cancer will hold their "Pillowcase Battle" at  the Hammonton Fire Hall, on the White House Pike, between 11am-3pm. She would like us to join the other Guilds and attend this friendly challenge for a good cause. You have to bring your sewing machine, iron, mat, tools, etc. but, kits, refreshments, raffles, prizes and "lots of laughs" are provided. Let's GO TEAM CAMACO!!!

     Sorry the AccuQuilt demonstration was "lost" in communication. Hopefully, it can be demonstrated at the May meeting.

     The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:50 pm, followed by Show & Tell and the program on Appliqué.

Respectfully Submitted,
Beverly T, Secretary

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