Tuesday, June 13, 2017

May Meeting Minutes

                                                       MAY  10th, 2017

The meeting was called to order by our president, Doreen D at 7:00 pm.
There were two guest.

Karen M, our treasurer, reported a balance of $XXXXX


Name Badge: $2.75 was collected in "fines".

Charity: Eleanor N reported we have 14 completed charity quilts. She will make up more dog beds and quilt kits for our next meeting. She also reminded us that she has batting for use in completing our charity quilts.

Photography: Karen T reminded us again to pick up previously taken pictures on the side table.

Program: Our speaker tonight is Jane Hamilton. There will be no runner for next month. However, for the summer, we will do a red, white and blue runner and the directions will be on our Blog.

Sunshine: There was no report, but Doreen said Flossie is doing well. (We wish her the best! She's missed.)

Ways and Means: The basket for tonight garnished $XX and was won by Barbara W.

Refreshments: Joyce H announced those who are to bring refreshments next month and begged people to please take home their leftovers.

Media: No report.


Doreen reminded us that the Cold Spring's Quilt show is June 24th and 25th. Registration forms can be found on line or see Clare. Also, Doreen and Clare hope that people will enter the Drunkards Path Challenge. All entries are needed by June 20th.

Our bus trip to Lancaster is September 30th. The sign up sheet was passed around again. The $39 cost is due at our June meeting.

I posted the new membership directory on-line and mailed copies to those who do not have computer access. There are three corrections. Joan K should be Joann, Diane DN should be Diana and Diane M new cell number is . ( If there are any other corrections, please let me know.)

A requested Saturday "open sew" was held and although quite a few signed up, only eight members showed up. Bernie did a lot of work to get and set up the Hall. If you sign up for something, please try to attend.

There was a good turnout at our regular "sew "at the Millman Center and will be continued the third and fourth Wednesdays through October.


The Pillow Case Challenge is September 17th and again, will be held at the Hammonton Fire Hall. Bernie challenged us all to help beat the competition. Everyone who attended last year had a great time. We have to defend our victory for making the most cases that day.

Helen E has a friend who's son is in the service and she and a few friends are collecting needed items to send overseas. Helen will post them on the Blog and if interested, please bring them to the June meeting.

Doreen and Sharon C announced that a member of South Shore Stitchers passed away and there will be a sale Saturday of material and other quilting items. It will be held on Route 9 in Seaville.

The meeting was adjourned.

There was an abbreviated Show & Tell, followed by our speaker, Jane Hamilton. Jane's trunk show contained antique, classic and modern quilts. She entertained us with her quilting background and enlightened us on different types of quilting, color values and how they affect outcomes. She also shared some tricks and tips. She will hold a workshop tomorrow at the Millman Center.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all.
Our next meeting is June 14th.

Respectfully Submitted,
Beverly Tyler, Secretary

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